Fama Sofas…by designer Feliz Lopez Gil

At House of McGregor, we are proud to exhibit Fama Sofas. Fama is a renowned Sofa brand with industry leading design combining Style & Comfort. So just what is it that makes this brand stand out from the rest?

fama sofa

What is the Fama Philosiphy?

”We design attractive sofas, but their main feature is the comfort. In the market we can find very comfortable sofas which are not very nice, and also beautiful designs in which comfort has not been taken into account. Moreover, very few companies bear in mind that most people don’t sit on sofas, they actually lay on them. Most Fama designs have been created with this in mind and they are perfect to enjoy at home.

They are created to be enjoyed at home, on your own, with your couple or with the whole family. We produce innovative and functional products that not only cover the customers’ needs but also create newones. They are designs that you will love, and they are produced with the highest quality, guaranteed, and at a very reasonable price.” The Avalon Suite. Claimed to be one of their most comfortable. All 3 seats are available in various sizes and come with options for electric and non-electric.

Where do the Fama Designs come from?

A sofa is not only a piece of art

fama designers


For over 30 years, the design team “LaSiesta Design” led by Felix Lopez Gil, has created designs of sofas and armchairs with a “special touch”. They are designs with the Fama essence, designs that have a common feature: they are designed to enjoy at home.

LaSiesta Design is a multifaceted team. Not happy with just meeting the customers needs and demands, this team in many cases seek new solutions that the users could not have even imagined. Designers of innovative and original sofas such as the Moon recliner, the MyNest cuddle chair, the MyApple loveseat and more recently the MyClub, this great team only invite us to wait and see the new proposals that they are able to create every year.

The Arianna Love suite. With some of the latest designs created by a French Tattoo artist Fama have an incredible selection of fabrics. Both flamboyant and subtle solid colours.

What Guarantee can you get with Fama?

In most countries, the minimum guarantee is two years by law.

Fama Sofas offer the following guarantees

Frames and seat suspensions carries lifetime guarantee.Mechanisms are guaranteed for 5 years. The rest of parts carry a 2 year guarantee that can be extended for 6 extra months by registering the guarantee on the Fama website.

Batteries are guaranteed for a year. The Qulaity of Fama products are of the highest standards. Hence the reason they stand over and provide this great cover on their products.