The World’s Most Comfortable Sofa

The Avalon finds it’s place on the list of best Seller’s for many reasons, but it is best known for it’s comfort. It’s high back and generous curved armrest give you the comfort and support you need, while making a truly alluring piece that is sure to give life your home.

This is what the La Siesta Design team had to say about the Avalon.

‘ Avalon is a new reclining modular sofa which runs out from the conventional design of sofas with a low folding back. Contrary to the majority trends imposed by the market, we wanted to create a generously sized backrest that we equipped with a new button effect inspired by the diamond- shaped buttoned backs of the 70s.  This backrest, along with the design of the arms and the 12 cm leg, make Avalon a different model with a great personality. But perhaps its main Feature is the comfort; it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a relax sofa in the market that offers greater comfort than Avalon, comfortable both for very tall people and for shorter people. With the relining mechanism open, it almost becomes a large bed.’

fama sofa

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